The Lost Dragon King

Game One

Your Basic Training is completed and you head to Eastmere to receive your unit assignments. You all finish up your last moments as free civilians and report to the citadel in the middle of the city. Once there you all meet each other and then meet your unit commander, Dara. Dara is a Lieutenant and is an Elven Ranger of some type. Dara quickly gives you a briefing on your first assignment. You are to immediately head to the island of Ostmere where you are to assist local police and military units with security. The trip will be done in two parts. First you’ll head to the coastal city of Griffincoast where you will board a ship that will take you to Ostmere. She finishes up and takes the group to the Quartermaster for any last minute supplies.

After outfitting and receiving horses you begin the trip to the southern city of Griffincoast. The roads are clogged with traffic moving in both directions. Moving to the north are hundreds and hundred of wagons loaded with food stuffs, weapons, raw materials and soldiers. Heading in the opposite direction are thousands of refugees. Along with them are droves of empty wagons heading back to get more supplies.

After about 40 miles of travel Dara orders the group to stop for the night and make camp. The camp site is located on a ridge overlooking a small valley that the main road runs through. In the valley a large caravan of supply wagons has stopped for the night. The operators have stared fires and the sun has set. Dara, after talking with the caravan boss, gets information that some of the other caravans have been having some issues with brigands, etc. Returning to the group she sets up watch list and the group turns in for the night.



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