The Lost Dragon King

Pre Game Information

As a child growing up in Southern Karngian Empire during a constant state of war with the north life was tough. Between the rationing of food and supplies, the constant worry about an invading army descending across the land and friends and family leaving to fight and never coming back there wasn’t much childhood to be had by anyone. As soon as a child can walk they are taught to love their country and to trust the guidance of the King. Also, at the same time, due to the constant state of war in the country almost all children are instructed in something useful to the war effort.

This is how you grew up. You loved your homeland and you all knew someone who went to fight but never came back. Some of you, when old enough, leave home and join the military. Some of you try to live a normal life by helping keep the nation running by being teachers, farmers, and merchants. But at some point you decide that you must do more and you finally take that long trip to the capital to join the military. During your trip you meet other citizens of varying social class, age and sex. You have all made the same decision and soon you sign your name on the dotted line and join the South Karngian Military. Basic training is usually very short in this day and age. The military needs soldiers and having then train for years on end does not help the leadership’s manpower problems. Because of this shortened basic training program a useful but controlled field experience program was needed. This program took the newly graduated rookie recruits and assigned them to small units lead by an older, more experienced commander. Once placed in a unit they are assigned to an area of South Karngia, behind the front lines, to gain experience in real world situations. This assignment usually lasts for a few months and once the tour is completed the units are disbanded and the members are put into active duty service.

You have just finished your basic training and you are in the South Karngia capital on the southern coast. You have a few hours to kill before you have to report to the Command Citadel to meet your new unit and your unit commander. Once you return to the Citadel you are off of leave and you will not be able to return to the city.

So, you have a couple of hours of freedom left in you are in the largest most metropolitan city in the Southern Karngian Empire. Anything special you want to do?

Game One

Your Basic Training is completed and you head to Eastmere to receive your unit assignments. You all finish up your last moments as free civilians and report to the citadel in the middle of the city. Once there you all meet each other and then meet your unit commander, Dara. Dara is a Lieutenant and is an Elven Ranger of some type. Dara quickly gives you a briefing on your first assignment. You are to immediately head to the island of Ostmere where you are to assist local police and military units with security. The trip will be done in two parts. First you’ll head to the coastal city of Griffincoast where you will board a ship that will take you to Ostmere. She finishes up and takes the group to the Quartermaster for any last minute supplies.

After outfitting and receiving horses you begin the trip to the southern city of Griffincoast. The roads are clogged with traffic moving in both directions. Moving to the north are hundreds and hundred of wagons loaded with food stuffs, weapons, raw materials and soldiers. Heading in the opposite direction are thousands of refugees. Along with them are droves of empty wagons heading back to get more supplies.

After about 40 miles of travel Dara orders the group to stop for the night and make camp. The camp site is located on a ridge overlooking a small valley that the main road runs through. In the valley a large caravan of supply wagons has stopped for the night. The operators have stared fires and the sun has set. Dara, after talking with the caravan boss, gets information that some of the other caravans have been having some issues with brigands, etc. Returning to the group she sets up watch list and the group turns in for the night.

Game Two

When last we left our intrepid band they were bunking down for the night. Well they do and….nothing happens. The group continues its travels for another 3 nights. On the fourth night during the 2nd watch movement was detected in the nearby tree line heading towards the caravan that was encamped along the road. The group pursues and combat ensues. The group battle a group of 3 humans in the wooded tree line. They are soon subdued and they are tied up. Dara after interrogating the prisoners finds out that they are North Karngian saboteurs here to disrupt the supply chain. A passing regiment of soldiers take the prisoners north to Eastmere for further “debriefing”.

The party continues south for another couple of days and arrives at the port city of Griffincoast. In Griffincoast they board the North Karngian military ship Aritza and immediately set sail. While at sea Dara mentions that their main task is to map and explore the inner part of the island. Once they arrive they are to head to Winterhaven and begin the exploration from there. They group was at sea for four days and arrived at the coastal town of Windcrest on the island of Ostmere. Dara says that party can relax for the night but that they better be ready to go at dawn. Some party members wander the city while others stayed at the inn and talked to the locals.

The party learned that the island used to be an outpost from the ancient Nerath Empire that lived over a millennia ago in this land. The island of Ostmere has always been a frontier in the Karngia. An outpost here and there along the coast but thats it. Due to the ever approaching war front, Southern Karngia has had to expanded into the island of Ostmere and explore it so that its resources can be exploited for the war effort.

The next morning they leave Windcrest and begin their approximately 80 mile trip, The trip is uneventful. The road is completely empty and the party pass no one along the way. On the third day, when the party is just a few miles from the village of Winterhaven, they get jumped by a group of nasty Kobolds. They are able to dispatch them and soon make it to the village of Winterhaven.

There are some things that have been left out that I would like if you guys could add in. Once everyone is up to speed I will be opening up a thread in the In-Game forum to start working through some of the stuff in Winterhaven.

Game Three

To give a chance to the players that missed the last game, I ran a side game. In attendance was Ron, Dan and Sam.

When left we left the party last game, they had just arrived in the small village of Winterhaven. Within a few moments of arriving a middle-aged man ran into the center of town screaming for help. Dara walked over to the distraught.

“Sir, what seems to be the problem?” Dara asks while looking over the man’s shoulder to the gates of the village beyond.

“Kolbolds! Kolbolds have taken my family! They’re in my house!” He yells. He then returns to screaming, “Someone please help me!”

“Sir, I can help you,” Dara says grasping the man by the upper arms to focus him. “Where is your farm? Can you lead me there?”

The man looks a bit perplexed for a second and then quickly realizes help is in front of him. “Yes, yes, follow me.”

Dara turns to the group. “Reverend Millson, Rook, and Azyxa you’re with me. The rest of you stay here in town and try to figure out what’s going on around here. It’s not a coincidence that we’ve had two tangles with these Kolbolds within thirty minutes.” She turns and runs after the farmer with Rook, Reverend Millson, and Azyxa following close behind her.

The group heads for the farm. Progress is slow for the group since there is no trail and they are cutting straight through the forest to the farm. Visibility is low since the sun is starting to set and it is getting dark. After about ten minutes the farmer stops them deep in the tree line and points to a farm house in a clearing about 150 feet away. In the clearing you see a small thatched-roof farmhouse with a porch on the front. Next to the house is a barn with the doors shut and in front of the barn is a wagon. A fence surrounds the field behind the house. Standing on the porch are two small Kolbolds, each carrying a javelin.

Dara creeps forward through the underbrush keeping herself hidden. “Head back to town and try to find the militia. Do it now.” She says to the farmer. The man looks like he wants to argue about the order but closes his mouth and runs back the way the group had come. Dara turns back towards the house and pulls two arrows from her quiver.

From behind, in a gentle voice, the Reverend Millson speaks. “I can speak there language, Dara. Maybe I should try to talk to them. We could try to have the hostages free.”

Dara looks back towards the house and seems to ponder the idea for a moment. “You may give it a try, Reverend. Remember though, these are not rational beings. Their only desire is greed and they kill anything in their way.” Reverend Millson nods his head quickly and takes out a small piece of white fabric. Holding the fabric in front of him he steps out of the woods. As soon as he steps out of the woods the two Kolbolds on the porch swivel their heads to face him. They grip their weapons tighter and begin to look agitated. One of them quickly slaps the farmhouse door next to him. The Reverend Millson stop when he sees the Kolbolds signal on the door. The door opens quickly and a larger Kolbold steps out. They hiss and growl at each other quickly and the larger one goes back inside just as the smaller Kolbold on the right launches his javelin. It arcs through the air and grazes Reverend Millson’s side.

In a shot the three other party members are out of the tree line and in just a few seconds one of the Kolbolds is screaming in pain as he’s engulfed in fire while the other gets covered in ice and freezes on the spot. The party quickly move forward and soon face another Kolbold coming out of the house. Rook moves to the left of the house and starts attacking through the windows. Dara veers from her course and runs into the woods to the right. Reverend Millson and Azyxa enter the house through the front door. There are flashes of light and loud explosions. Several Kolbolds scream in pain as their worthless lives are extinguished.

Soon there is silence and Azyxa comes out of the house with a young boy who is sleeping deeply. From out of the treeline, where the party originally came from, The farmer and a couple of militiamen run up. The man is overjoyed to see his son.

“Where’s my wife?” The farmer asks, frantically looking around.

The Reverend Millson comes out of the house, “She’s not in here.” Rook circles around the front of the house and heads into the woods to the right.

“Over here. Looks like Dara left us a trail.” Azyxa and Reverend Millson quickly join Rook. At the treeline is a single arrow has been stuck in the ground. The three head into the woods and are soon following a long trail of arrows. After about a mile they come to the edge of a clearing at the foot a a large series of hills. Set into the side of the hill in front of them is the entrance to a darkened cave.

“They took the wife in there.” Dara says as she comes up behind the party rejoining them.

Azyxa hands a bunch of arrows to Dara. “I think these are yours.”

“Thanks. So, shall we save the day?”


I’m going to try something new here with the small party. I’m going to try and finish this combat up over email and through this site. I will keep this post updated with the status of the combat. If it works well, I might try it on a larger scale with the whole party. Comments are always welcome.

Game Four

orry for the lateness of this guys…

After a tough day of traveling and a dangerous rescue mission by some the group decided to investigate the village and relax. Some went to bed, some wandered the town and some went to the Inn to ask question. (I will let people fill in their own details here) After a good night sleep the group was called before the Lord of the town and asked if they could help with the Kobold problem Winterhaven had been having. The party agreed and obtained the location of an alleged Kobold Liar nearby. Lahn at this point mentioned that he had received a map the previous night to an archaeological dig nearby where they were trying to uncover an ancient dragon burial site. The party finished grabbing equipment and left the town, heading down the same road they had taken from the shore. About a 1/2 mile down the road the group was again ambushed by Kobolds. This group was more powerful then the previous group and their intentions seemed to be towards revenge. The party dispatched the foes but some party members got a little to close to death for comfort.

The party reformed then headed due south off the road towards the dragon burial ground. It was a short trip of maybe only a mile or two. They soon found the dig site. When they got there they found a Gnome along with two Halflings, five Humans working around the pit. Towards the side was three drakes seeming to act like guard dogs. The Gnome seemed friendly and genuine and invited the group to come down into the pit to see what he had found. The party started down the ramp at which point the Gnome commanded the drakes to attack. The drakes were nasty customers and the humans mobbed their closest target. The halfling stood towards the back and throw painful stone into the melee. The Gnome pulled out a crossbow and also joined the fray. The party fought valiantly and soon stared making a dent in the opposing forces. A couple of party members got hit hard and got close to dropping but a few well placed heals got them up and fighting again. With the Drakes and the Humans down the Gnome and Halflings became desperate. After a particular good strike against him, the Gnome simply vanished from the field of battle. The other Halflings were down and the party tried slashing and attacking the location they had last seen the gnome. Unfortunately the Gnome had skulked away. In a desperate move he snuck up behind Thomas and dealt him a fantastic blow. Thomas, already injured, dropped to the ground. But that was to be the Gnomes last move. Quickly the party descended on him and he was out for the count.

The area has obviously been an active work site for some time. There are all sorts of tools and implements laying around. There are also piles of loose soil everywhere. In one area there are several wooden crates next to a large tarp that is heaped on the ground.

Game Five

When last we left our erstwhile heroes.

A new party member joins the group, just arriving from Winterhaven where the Lord said they might be here. Dara confirms that another party member was expected. The mighty battle ended and the party searched the Dragon Burial Pit. They found several crates filled wit straw and wrapped dragon bones. There was also several crates of the same type that were empty. The assumption was that they were waiting to be filled. There is also a large stack of rough carved beams in the corner. A smaller crate was found and inside was an intricate and ancient mirror. Searching the rest of the burial site a man was found tied up and gagged. The man is Douven Staul. Once freed he tells the party how he was excavating here when he was grabbed by the gnome and his rabble. He had been kept under this tarp for most of the time and fed infrequently. What he heard though was that the gnome and his party were looking for something and they had just found it within the last hour. Although he didn’t see it he got the idea that whatever they found was getting ready to be transported. Searching the bodies an amulet is found on the gnome. The amulet ends up belonging to Douven Staul. The party gives it back to him. He opens it and pulls out a picture of his wife and hands the amulet back as a thank you. The party, continuing to search the camp, find a large wooden hatch under another tarp. Opening the hatch they find a 6 foot diameter shaft leading straight down. After a quick talk it is decided that Parn, Hoegard, Millson, Gannoth, and Thomas will head down into the pit to see what was down there. The rest of the party would stay at ground level and make sure they didn’t get snuck up on.

The spelunking group heads down the shaft after building a davit to attach a rope to. The pit goes down about 50 feet. It is cut from the dirt and is not supported in any way. When they reach the bottom the shaft shrinks down to about a 3 ft. diameter and heads due east. This tunnel is about 20 ft. in length. Towards the end the rough dirt passageway ends and becomes solid stone. The stone section is about 3 ft thick. The group enters a 30×30 ft. room with 15 ft ceilings. In the center of the room is a large ramp heading down. The ceiling is flat except for large round shaft in the middle going up an additional 15 ft. The walls with intricate carvings on all the walls. The wall contain a VERY ancient language that seems to be from the old empire. There are also several pictures carved into the walls that tell a story about the Dragon King. The rough story is that the Dragon King ruled over the empire for countless generations and was loved by all. One day the King said he would be leaving and that his most trusted Adviser. After the Kings departure the Adviser had some sort of sword made that was then broken into seven distinct pieces. The pieces were then sent off with seven men on horseback. The Adviser ruled for many good years and continued is the Kings example. Eventually, only being a man, the Adviser died and was interned here.

One of the party heard a scrabbling from down the ramp. Throwing a sun rod down the ramp they catch site of what they believe is a Kobold. The party hears some hushed tones. The party replies and convince at least some of the kobolds that the gnome had sent the party. The party moved down the ramp a little but the illusion broke and battle ensued. It didn’t last long and eventually all the kobolds but one where dispatched. Interrogating the remaining prisoner, the party learns that the kobolds had been down here trying to gain access to the tomb through the huge brass doors next to them. So far they have gotten nowhere at all. The kobold is sent to the surface for the rest of the party to watch. Studying the door they notice that the doors are magically sealed. Nothing seems to budge them. Millson remembers the strange piece of metal that had been found when rescuing the wife that had been taken from the farmhouse. Placing the piece on the door there is a load clang and the door quietly opens into the new room.

The next room is huge. 80 or so feet long by 60 or so feet wide. The ceilings are a good 30 feet or so high. At the center of the room is a giant stone dragon statue with at least a 35 ft wingspan. The edges of the room are lined with statues of Paladins, Clerics and Avengers. The party soon notice that all the statues seem to be followers of Bahamut. The backside of the room leads to a small 20×20 room. The room has a large circular staircase leading down. The party starts descending when one of the members hits a trap and the stairs turn into a slide send three members to the bottom and locking them in a room. Quickly a party member finds the trigger and resets the trap, turning it off in the meantime. The party join together again at the bottom of the stairs. They are in a 20×40 room with a double door at the far end. Scattered through out the room are several skeletons. The three closest to the double doors are burned and charred. The party slowly works their way through the room. They are cautious when near the door except for the Dwarf, Gannoth. The push the door and gets frozen to the spot with a cold blast. After looking at the door closely the new party member, Hoegard, spots some hidden symbols. Millson, using this knowledge, deciphers the glyphs and Dara uses that knowledge to deactivate the trap and the doors open into a small 20×20 room.

This room has nothing in it except a door leading to the south. The party follows the passage where it twists around and drops them into a large 35×335 ft room. In the center is a fountain shooting water up into the air about 15 ft or so. The party enters and the water gets a life of it’s own. A noxious cloud bubble out of the water and the party feels sick. The battle is tough but eventually they slay the Blue Slime and is explodes coating the party with acid as a final death throw.

The party rests and when feeling recharged enough decide to move on. There are doors to the North, South, East and West. The path to the north leads to a collapsed tunnel. The path to the east is where the party entered from. The southern passage leads to a large room 50×35 ft. This room is filled with small islands spaced so you have to jump between them. Millson jumps to the closest island which collapse under his weight dumping him into the water. He is quickly pulled out of the water but not before taken some damage from the acidic water. The party decides to check out the remaining passage way and get taken to a room that 25×30. Standing at the far end of the room are 5 statues. Each statue is standing with its hand extended like it’s holding an invisible sword. On the wall to the right is a rack with 5 swords. After pending some time in the room a voice is heard giving them a hint on to where the swords need to go. Three more messages follow leading the party to determine which sword went into which hand. Once all the swords were placed a secret door in the back of the room.

The party heads down the hallway and take a turn into 40×50 room. In the center of the room is a 20×15 dais with a sarcophagus on top. Once the party enters the room 6 skeletons stand and attack. Also a Rat Swarm joins the battle. The party fights hard and is able to defeat their enemies. Once the battle is over they inspect the tomb. After searching the room and dais they figure out that the same relic they used to get into the tomb might be used to open the sarcophagus. They drop the relic on top and the tomb slides pen revealing a old skeleton. The skeleton is wearing an ornate piece of armor and has a beautiful sword lying next to his right arm. By his left arm is a magically orb. Placed on his chest is a large tome.

This is where the party broke. Anyone who wants to add to this please do I’m sure I forgot something. I will post more info on what is in the tomb and XP received soon.

Game Seven

Tomb of Dragon King Advisor 2

Game Eight

Irontooth at Waterfall

Game Nine

Roaric the Mad

Game Ten

Keep on the Shadowfell: The Meeting of Splurg


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