The Lost Dragon King

Game Thirteen

Game Date: 11/29/22009
Players: Hoegaard, Thomas Alton, Troy, Rev. Milson, Rook
Special Appearances: Ruth
XP Awarded: 251

What Happened
After killing several hobgoblins and a giant Deathjump Spider at the end of last game the party rested for awhile to get their breath. The party moved down the southern hallway entering a large empty room. On the western wall was a short hallway they ends in a set of double doors. On the southern wall was a small vestibule with another set on double doors heading south. The party searched the room and finding nothing interesting moved to the southern doors. Beyond the door was a large room with an enormous statue of a Titan in the center. On the eastern wall, in the two corners, were smaller statues of dragons. On the southern wall was another vestibule with four small statues of cherubs holding vases above theirs heads in the four corners. On the southern wall of the vestibule was another set of double doors.

Luke walked a few squares into the room and the doors they entered through slammed shut and locked, sealing Bryan outside the room. The giant statue animated and swung the sword it was hold hitting Luke and throwing him back. Eventually the party determined that if you got within 3 squares of the Titan it would animate and attack. They also figured out that if they got within 5 squares of the dragons, the dragons would attack with a breath weapon. Troy walked the perimeter of the room and eventually got to the cherubs. Inspecting them he wandered a little too close and activated a trap. An energy field activated and trapped him within the 4 cherub statues and the statues started dumping torrents of water into the area. Eventually the the area filled up with about 5 feet of water and then started throwing Troy around. Luke and Troy decided the best approach was to destroy the statues to deactivate the energy barrier. After several turns and some added help from the rest of the party the barrier was dropped and Troy was saved.

The party healed itself and moved south into the next area. As soon as the door opened the smell of rotting flesh wafted through the party and immediately the cause was identified. The room was filled with ripped up copses and shambling zombies. The zombies aware of the party started moving towards the party. The battle started and two new enemies made themselves known, a Ghoul and a Clay Scout. The Zombies went down pretty easily but the Ghoul and the Clay Scout were tough and almost finished off a couple of party members. Eventually the party prevailed and the enemies were dispatched. The party looked around and found a small hole cut or chewed into the stone wall. Bryan ventured down it and found the Ghoul’s liar. In the debris he found a Bag of Holding. Currently Bryan has the bag and it has not been opened yet.

Monster Tally
  • 12 Zombies Rotters
  • 2 Zombies
  • 1 Ghoul
  • 1 Clay Scout

Loot Found
  • 1 Bag of Holding



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