The Lost Dragon King

Game Sixteen - The Fall of Kalarel

Game Date: 1/24/2010
Players: ParN, Rev. Millson, Hoegaard, Thomas Alton, Lahn, Ruth
XP Awarded: 560

What Happened
The group, after an extended rest in Winterhaven work their way down to the room where the group had last faced some of Kalarel’s minions. Gathering the parties forces they move to the center of the room and descend the blood soaked chain into the room that waits below.
The room is the same size is the room above. On the northern wall a large portal pulsing with energy contains a inky blackness that seems to stretch at its bounds. To the west a amazingly large human in scale armor is standing before an alter chanting in a low drone who everyone assumes is Kalarel. The the east a Deathlock Wight stands guard waiting for anyone to disturb the ritual. Protecting Kalarel are two Skeleton Warriors. The battle begins quickly and soon everyone is engaged. The party quickly finds out that Kalarel is not to be trifled with as he is very difficult to hit and seems to be able to strike anyone in the party at will. The party is smart though and quickly begin to eliminate Kalarel’s allies. Hoegaard singles up against the Deathlock Wight, keeping him occupied while the rest of the crew engage with the Skeletons and Kalarel when they are able too. Soon the battle pushes towards the portal and the party is introduced to a new ally of Kalarel. It seems if a party member wandered too close to the portal it would reach out and drag the party member closer to its empty blackness.
Soon though the tides begin to turn and once all of Kalarel’s allies are destroyed the party can focus on him. Kalarel is on the run, shifting away time after time, dealing out a lot of damage even dropping Thomas with one particularly deadly strike. But time was on the party’s side and Ruth, with a vicious back stab ended Kalarel.
The portal shrieks in agony and the black tendrils reach out, grabbing Kalarel and dragging him into the portal. Such is the reward for failure. Ruth, thinking quickly, is able to pull a dagger off of Kalarel’s corpse before it disappears into the inky blackness of the rift.
Quickly the party moves through the room. Behind the alter they find a sack with a cache of money and a letter in it. They then work their way up to the secret storage room and take an extended rest after deciding that the party would explore the remaining sections of the dungeon. After the rest the party quickly works through the second level, soon arriving at a section that is barred shut. The party opens the sealed doors and moves slowly down the hallway until…
We’ll just have to wait till the next game to find out.

Monster Tally
  • 1 Kalarel
  • 1 Deathlock Wight
  • 2 Skelaton Warriors
  • 1 Thing Beyond the Portal

    Loot Found
  • +2 Magic Dagger



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