The Lost Dragon King

Game Seventeen - The Liberation of Winterhaven

Game Date: 3/21/2010
Players: ParN, Rev. Millson, Hoegaard, Thomas Alton, Rook, Aelar
XP Awarded:
Online part: 175 XP
Face-to-face part: 573 XP

What Happened
After a brief rest to recoup from the final battle with Kalarel the party decides to move through the levels of the keep to make sure that there is nothing left behind. The party quickly finds a locked and barred door with a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on it. Of course the party enters. :) The hallway is surprisingly clean. They move down the hall following it to the left until they come to a Tee in the hallway. Parn goes to the left while Hoegaard goes to the right. Parn is quickly jumped by a Gelatinous Cube. Hoegaard turns and helps out and is quickly overrun by the cube. Joining the fray, two Corruption Corpses shamble down the hallway. Hoegaard is absorbed into the Cube. Thomas using some tricky maneuvers is able to free him. The party fights hard and the Cube is the first to go. Next come one of the Corpse which explodes upon it’s death showering party members near it with infected pus and rot. Soon after that the final corpse is destroyed but it’s explosive death does not harm any party members.

The party quickly recovers and moves up to the next level of the keep checking all the dark corners that might have been missed before. The party moves into the area that previously they had heard the sounds of digging. The room seems to have been the center of archeological digging. Most of the room has been dug up. There are digging tools and buckets spread throughout the room and it is currently empty. The party searches the room finding a few gold pieces and a magical holy symbol. The party quickly moves on into the naturally formed cavern. It contains stalagmites and stalactites. At the edges of the darkness the party can see large rat scurrying around. Further exploration find a secret staff of survival gear in a secret room and a rather complacent Ochre Jelly. The party seeing no value in the fight moves on down a hallway where they find a shallow pit. The pit seems to be a trap that has been previously sprung. At the bottom is the corpse of a young goblin underneath the corpse of a Hatchling Kruthik. Perceptive party members quickly notice that there are other traps that have not been set of and make them so party members do not trip them by accident. The party begins to see signs that the area that they are in is actually a Kruthik nest. Getting deeper in they find the liar and are attacked. The battle goes rather quickly but is tough on the front line. Thomas is bloodied and then healed multiples lines but hold his line. Eventually the Kruthiks go down and and after a short search a couple of Potions of Healing are found.

At this point, the Keep has been cleaned out. The party, being weary and spent, decided it is time to head back to Winterhaven. The trip to town is quick and uneventful. The lands surrounding the keep are totally changed since the party had last seen it. The animals have returned, birds are flying overhead. Upon reaching Winterhaven the residents are rejoicing in the streets. The party is praised as heroes. Children tug on their pant legs and mothers give them hugs. Ale and food are handed to them whenever they want. The entire town is celebrating and parting. The party is exhausted. They quickly visit the Lord and claim their reward for a job well done and then go the the inn for some food. Before entering the inn they are stopped by Valthrun who asks them to come to his tower in the morning. The party agrees and has a great meal, during which Thomas retell the parties entire tale to the town’s historian. As a think you the historian give the party a +1 Symbol of Battle. The party celebrates late into the night and then they finally gets some much needed rest.

The next morning the group visits with Valthrin. He asks to see the Tome that was found in the Tomb nearby. After performing a subtle spell casting on the Tome he sits and tell the party that most of the book is magically locked. He was able to unlock the second section of the book but the remaining sections are indecipherable. He does read a passage from the Tome that states that the Tome was written to relay knowledge to future generations on how to save Adokul, the Dragon King, who has been captured in the Shadowfell for the past several hundred years. Upon hearing this news Dara decides that the rest of the group must continue with this quest. She will take this news to South Karngian command. She quickly leaves. The party figures out that they need to head to the mainland to begin this quest. Locals say that the best city to go to to find passage to the mainland is Witchacre.

Monster Tally
  • 1 Gelatinous Cube
  • 2 Corruption Corpse
  • 6 Hatchling Kruthik
  • 3 Young Kruthik
  • 1 Adult Kruthik

    Loot Found
  • 2 +1 Symbols of Battle
  • 2 Potions of Healing
  • Safewing Amulet +1



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