The Lost Dragon King

Game Fifteen - Special Bonus Extra Holiday Game

Game Date: 12/16/2009
Players: ParN (Part 1), Rev. Millson (Part 1&2), Hoegaard (Part 1&2)
Special Appearances: Dara(Part 2)
XP Awarded:
  • Part 1 – 260
  • Part 2 – 278

    NOTE: This game was run during the Holiday Party at work.

    What Happened
    When last we left out party they had been pretty beat up and getting dangerously close the the evil mastermind Kalarel, who was attempting to open a gateway to the Shadowfell. Known that continuing on would be certain death the group decided to quickly head back to Winterhaven, rest and then return to the Keep to finish off Kalarel and his evil plot.

    The party arrives at the outskirts of Winterhaven in the late afternoon and are greeted by locked gates and except for the fully armored guards in the parapets, not a soul to be found. Lord Padrig calls down to the guards to open the gate quickly to allow the party in. Once inside the safety of the towns walls, Lord Padrig explains that a large group of undead have been terrorizing the locals, burning farms and killing the farmers. He asks if the party could somehow assist the people of Winterhaven. After a short discussion Parn, Hoegaard and Rev. Millson agree to see what can be done after a short rest. The rest of the party decide to stay and make sure Winterhaven stays protected.

    The three head out of Winterhaven and head down the path leading to the community graveyard. Once there they start hearing what sounds like a moaning wind but as they get closer they realize that it is actually the moans of over a dozen skeletons stumbling around the graveyard. The party quickly attacks but soon realize that there are more then just skeletons in the graveyard. A female elf who had been seen around Winterhaven is also with the skeletons and seems to be controlling them. The Reverend quickly sets about eliminating the Skeletons with a giant rolling fireball. Unlike the skeletons, the female elf, Ninaran hits the party pretty hard. Hoegaard, Rev. Millson and Parn end up getting coordinated quickly and Ninaran finally falls after being crushed by Hoegaard. The party quickly finishes of the stragglers and begins to search the area. PArn leaves the group and heads back to Winterhaven to check with the rest of the group. Hoegaard and Rev. Millson continue searching and come up with nothing valuable. The only significant thing found is a large magic circle that seemed to be the cause of the rising dead that had been plaguing the Winterhaven. Rev. Millson figures out how to break the circle and the evil magic is removed.

    Hoegaard and Rev. Millson begin to head back to town and are quickly joined outside the graveyard gates by Dara. Dara explains that she has just returned from sending some important news to command and is waiting a response. The three start to head back to Winterhaven when stumbling out of the forest come another wave of undead. This time though, they were shuffling Zombies. The party spread out and after a slightly hairy moment with Rev. Millson they finish off the threat quickly and efficiently.

    The three party members quickly hustle back to the safety of Winterhaven. They re-supply and rest again in preparation of the final assault on the Keep.

Monster Tally
Part 1
  • 12 Decrepit Skeltons
  • 2 Gravehound Zombies
  • 1 Ninaran the Elf
    Part 2
  • 18 Zombie Rotters
  • Maw, Kalarel’s pet undead

    Loot Found
  • N/A



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